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 Team Hunt List(s)

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PostSubject: Team Hunt List(s)   Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:40 am

Eternal and I are suggesting a Team Hunt List for our team's personal benefit and team-round benefit.
What the idea is is that there will be a section where it will hold all of our runs, successes, in-completions, levels, and/or miscellaneous finds on our hunts.

For example, my thread would be titled "Domo's Hunt List" (or something like that). In the first post I might say what I'm hunting, how many runs I've done, what I've gotten, what quests I'm doing, what I'm still looking for, how many levels I've gained, how many runs I've done WITH the team, and whatever else is preferable/additional information. An example of this would look something as such:

Domo wrote:
Hey guys, I'm currently hunting a Red Ring and a Diska of Braveman.

Red Ring
Total runs: 28
TTF quest runs: 19
Drops: Monomate x3, Meseta, etc.
Levels gained: 4
Runs with team: 12
Additional Info: I'm not gonna be picky on the stats, any RR is cool.

Diska of Braveman
Total runs: 47
MA1 quest runs: 36
Drops: x9 DoB no hit, x3 w/hit under 50, x1 w/hit 50+
Levels gained: 2
Runs with team: 22
Additional Info: Going for one with Machine and Dark w/50h+.

So as far as team hunting goes, if you're hunting something and a teammate replies to your thread telling you they can help you out, then there you go, you got some assistance! Be very aware of the fact that if YOU are helping a teammate out hunt for what THEY want, then you must let them get the drop. This would otherwise completely deflect the whole purpose of this suggestion.
Basics down: If you are hunting the item, you get the drop.
This suggestion is for our team to grow within our knowing of each other, learn our different play styles, share ideas, and moreover to stay active. If I do say so myself, staying active and knowledgeable of each other is nearly essential for a successful, strong, and mature team.

*This idea was originated by Eternal.

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PostSubject: Re: Team Hunt List(s)   Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:21 pm

Good idea I'll add this soon.
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Team Hunt List(s)
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